Less-than-truckload shipping (or LTL) is a way for shippers to pay only for the capacity they need to transport their goods. Much like full truckload rates, class and lane (pickup and drop-off locations) of the shipment factor into LTL rates. Where LTL rates differ from truckload rates is the consideration of weight and volume. When a shipment isn’t big enough to necessitate a 48- or 53- foot container, it may make sense for a shipper to send their goods with an LTL carrier instead of paying for more capacity than they need.

Using our customer portal system, you get the choice of LTL shipping rates from some of top LTL trucking companies for your LTL shipments. Having all the quotes conveniently on your screen at one time, you have the tools at your disposal to choose the best LTL carrier to fit your individual needs.

While we provide LTL shipping services at lower rates, we don’t cut corners when it comes to quality LTL carriers. No matter how big or small, we can handle all your shipments.


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