At TRACK Logistics, we want to provide for your every LTL shipping need. This includes:

  • Worldwide LTL and LCL coverage—for USA, Canada, and International locations
  • Dependable established carriers—choose from many of the common LTL carriers
  • Hazmat, will call, lift-gate, inside pickup services—and many more to meet all your needs
  • Free LTL shipping quotes—get a quick quote at no cost and see just how easy it really is
  • Free customer portal account and support—any problems? We are only a phone call away!
  • LTL Instant Routing Capability
  • Address Book and Product Catalog
  • Instant Notifications to anyone in your contact list
  • 24/7 Shipment Tracking
  • Schedule pick-ups and create BOL’s all in a couple clicks

LTL Instant Routing Capability

Do you Ship LTL shipments across the United States, Canada, and Mexico? TRACK Logistics’ new online LTL Instant Routing System allows customers to log in and produce instant LTL rates, quotes, BOL’s, and schedule pickups all within a few clicks.

Customer Portal

Our Customer portal allows you to review previous shipments or quotes and allows you to track your shipments 24/7, so you always know where they are.

You can also quote your partial and truckload shipments in the customer portal and one of our transportation specialists will finalize a quote for you within 30 minutes.

Address Book and Product Catalog

Thomas Transport can import all your customer and supplier locations along with your product catalog into the customer portal to help make a seamless transition.

What if I have my own LTL pricing?

If you have better pricing than TRACK Logistics, we can enter your account number into the system and it will display your pricing. This would put your pricing on the client portal to allow you to view all your pricing in one place and select the carrier of your choice.

Instant notifications

Our system has the capability to send anyone in your contact list an email with the date and time when each shipment has been quoted, scheduled, picked-up, and delivered